Coffins, Caskets, Scatter Tubes and Biodegradable Boxes


The range of coffins is vast, from traditional wooden cremation and burial coffins, through to more elaborate designs in a choice of colours, with additional motifs, emblems or names depicting the loved ones interests or hobbies. 

  • We offer the traditional wooden coffins in different colours at no extra cost to our clients.

For the greener funerals or more environmentally conscious, there are a range of willow, bamboo and rattan and we can now offer banana and pandanus leaf, again in various shapes and colours.  All these can be used for the traditional burial and cremation.


Where a burial of ashes service is required, we offer a range of solid wooden caskets in various designs and colour.  These can also be tailored to include emblems, motifs and names to meet your personal requirements.  We also offer the environmentally friendly range as listed above under the coffin section.

Scatter Tubes

Where a family have decided to scatter their loved ones ashes privately, we can return these to you in a colourful, easy to use scatter tube.  The tube can supplied in different designs, sizes and colours to suit your individual requirements.  The tube enables the family to scatter the ashes in a respectful and dignified manner, at a time and place of their choosing.

Biodegradable Boxes

Where a family decide to bury their loved ones ashes privately, we can return ashes in a simple biodegradable box/container.  This can be supplied at minimal cost.


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